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As the leaves outside begin to change, indicating the arrival of fall, check out some simple ways to cut costs at your League City, Texas, home and save a little extra money.

Clean the Gutters

The gutter system on the exterior of your home helps protect the interior from water damage and flooding during fall storms. If the gutters are clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris, you’re likely to end up with a wet and messy situation. Use a ladder to get high enough to reach the gutters, or bring in a professional to clean them out before the weather gets too chilly. Without proper drainage, water can seep into the foundation and cause some serious (and expensive) problems.

Reset Your Thermostat

As the weather gets cooler, take a moment to change the automatic settings on your thermostat. You may want to have the heater turn on earlier in the morning since the temperature tends to drop as you sleep. But programming your thermostat can save a lot of money since it will automatically maintain the set temperature instead of having to turn the system on and off more often to accommodate manual changes.

Get Your HVAC System Checked

The changing season is the perfect opportunity to schedule an HVAC service with one of our technicians at Maxx A/C & Heating as well. Routine maintenance on your HVAC system is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make sure that everything is running properly. If there is something wrong within your system, this issue could be causing inefficiency and costing you more in operating costs. It’s always frustrating for a homeowner to face a heating issue just as the temperature drops, but getting the system checked out at the start of fall reduces the risk of this happening to you.

If you have a residence in or around League City, Texas, give Maxx A/C & Heating a call at (281) 338-2653 to schedule a checkup and tuneup of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system this fall.

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