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Home and business owners look for high-efficiency results, low cost, and added comfort for virtually every investment they make. When it comes to heating and cooling, hybrid systems offer residents in League City, Pearland and Friendswood, TX, an appealing option.

HVAC Package System

What is A Hybrid System?

A hybrid system is an HVAC system that pairs an electrically powered heat pump with a conventional backup gas, oil, or propane furnace. When temperatures turn nippy, the heat pump pulls heat from the outside air and pumps it inside to deliver cozy warmth to your home or business. When temperatures dip below freezing, however, the efficiency of a heat pump decreases; that’s when the furnace takes over as the heat source.

When the indoor environment reaches the desired temperature, the heat pump switches back on and continues to maintain an even indoor temperature. In the summer, the heat pump reverses its cycle, pulling heat from inside your home sending it outside. The blower on the furnace acts as a fan to distribute the cool air produced by the heat pump.

The system’s controls react according to outside temperatures and effortlessly shift to whichever mode is more efficient. The programmable temperature threshold allows you to control, based on your preferences, at what temperature the system shifts from heat pump to furnace mode.

Benefits of a Hybrid System

In a hybrid split system, the heat pump and furnace are in two locations; in a packaged system, they are in the same cabinet. The flexibility of two heat sources is the primary attraction hybrid HVAC systems offer regardless of which type you choose. This flexibility increases your comfort and enhances the efficiency of your HVAC system. Hybrid systems offer other advantages as well:

  • Decreases heating bills. You can save between 30 percent and 50 percent annually on your HVAC expenses by installing a hybrid system.
  • Eliminates guesswork. A hybrid system automatically reacts to temperature changes and chooses which heating method is more efficient.
  • Reduces carbon footprint. A heat pump uses less fossil fuel than a gas, oil, or propane furnace and is environmentally friendly without sacrificing comfort.

A hybrid system costs a little bit more than a conventional system, but you will soon recoup your investment through the savings you reap from lower fuel bills. In fact, a hybrid system pays for itself between three and five years after installation. A bonus is that it also increases the value of your home or business.

A hybrid system is a practical solution for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. If you are interested in learning more about hybrid systems, call (281) 338-2653 to speak with a comfort specialist at Maxx A/C & Heating today.


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