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HVAC maintenance is essential for all homeowners before switching over to heat for the winter. Your A/C has been running all summer long at full speed to combat the Texas heat. Now that temperatures are finally cooling off, you can perform your pre-winter checklist to ensure everything is working properly for another season. When you’re ready to check your HVAC for any signs of damage or issues, be sure to do the following:

Check Register Circulation

You want to ensure your heat will be pumped throughout the whole house, so be sure to check every register and vent for signs of clogs. When you first switch on the heat, go around the house and feel for warm air at the registers. If you don’t feel any, something may be wrong with the ductwork.

Replace Air Filters

Now is the time to change those air filters. Experts recommend changing them once a month, which is ideal, but you should at least be changing them every three or four months to avoid issues with airflow and indoor air quality. Changing filters before the heating season is especially important because dirty filters are the most common cause of reduced HVAC efficiency.

Check Thermostat Settings

This may seem like a no-brainer, but to ensure your heating system is working properly and all vents and registers are clear, you’ll need to check your thermostat and switch it over to the heat setting. Before performing your pre-winter inspection, set the thermostat to 75 degrees. This is a sufficient temperature to feel for warm air at the vents, but be mindful that it may take a few moments for the heat to kick on. If you smell a foul odor like a burning or musty smell, there’s likely dust and dirt in the ductwork.

Contact Max A/C & Heating at 281-409-3890 to schedule your pre-winter HVAC maintenance. We can address the concerns you’ve found during your own pre-winter inspection and ensure your HVAC system is working properly for another season.

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