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When the weather gets warmer outside in River Oaks, Texas, you may notice that your energy bills rise along with the temperatures. People in the U.S. waste over $300 billion every year in unneeded energy. Combat energy waste and reduce your monthly bills by changing a few minor habits.

Assess the Appliances

If you inherited an ancient refrigerator when you moved into your home, it could be one of the biggest culprits. Outdated appliances aren’t nearly as efficient as newer ones, so consider upgrading. The refrigerator in your home is running constantly, so poor efficiency can really add up when you have an older model. Look at other appliances you use often, such as the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer, to see if those need to be repaired or replaced as well.

Save Heat-Producing Activities

Baking and running the dishwasher produce a lot of heat. When the temperature is hottest outside, you want to limit the indoor activities as much as possible. Save baking for after the sun goes down, and avoid running the dryer until it’s a bit cooler outside. Doing so can reduce how much your cooling system has to run during the warmest part of the day, saving you money.

Swap Out Your Air Filters 

Clogged and dirty air filters in your furnace can waste a lot of energy. You can save as much as $45 on an average monthly heating bill of about $100 by making sure to change your air filter often. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, choose filters that have higher MERV ratings, which can filter smaller particles out of the air.

Invest in Smart Window Coverings

The right coverings on your windows can also reduce energy waste. Honeycomb and cellular shades help during the summer by reducing up to 80 percent of heat gain when the temperature rises outside. These types of coverings also reduce heat loss during the winter months, saving money all year long.

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