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If you’re like most folks in River Oaks, Texas, you want to hire an HVAC contractor you can trust to get the job done right in a timely manner. Unfortunately, not every contractor lives up to our high standards. Here are a few tips we suggest for ensuring you’ve found the best HVAC technician.

Inquire About Qualifications

The only way you’ll know whether an HVAC technician is qualified to work on your system is to ask. Professional HVAC contractors must be licensed according to state specifications and carry the proper insurance. You need to make sure your contractor has these qualifications before hiring him or her to perform work on your HVAC system. All you have to do is request copies of the contractor’s license. A legitimate technician won’t mind.

All the technicians employed by Maxx AC & Heating are licensed and well qualified to perform any HVAC service from installation to maintenance. When in doubt, go with a proven HVAC company like Maxx AC & Heating rather than an individual who can’t produce the proper qualifications.

Schedule an In-Home Evaluation

No qualified HVAC contractor will provide an estimate over the phone. An in-home evaluation is essential for determining your project’s scope. An HVAC technician needs to visit the home to spot any potential issues that can occur during installation or servicing. If the technician refuses to perform an in-home evaluation, find someone else.

Look for a Size Assessment

When you speak with HVAC contractors about replacing your old unit, be on the lookout for a size assessment. Expert technicians will include a size assessment on your home because this is the key feature that determines what type of new unit your home requires. Professional technicians may also discuss using advanced technologies like hygrometers, blower door tests, and computerized load calculations, which suggest they’re doing all they can to ensure your home gets the unit it needs for maximum efficiency.

Hire a qualified HVAC technician by calling Maxx AC & Heating at 281-409-3890 and experience the difference exceptional service makes.

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