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Your HVAC system gets all the attention, but insulation plays a critical role in maintaining indoor comfort and keeping your utility costs in check. The pros at Maxx AC & Heating provide complete insulation services for new construction and retrofit applications.


Whole Home Insulation Materials

Fiberglass is the most popular insulation material since it’s made from woven strands of glass fibers that create millions of microscopic air pockets to reduce thermal energy transfer. The material can be blown into attics and walls and is also available in preformed batts.

Cellulose is made from shredded recycled paper products treated with a special fire retardant. Since it’s fibrous, paper has excellent insulating properties. Cellulose can also be sprayed or blown in place.

Understanding R-Values

R-value is used to measure the effectiveness of a material in reducing the transfer of heat energy. A higher R-value indicates better efficiency, so the total R-value is more important than the number of inches of material installed. Cellulose is generally more expensive than fiberglass, but it has a higher R-value per inch.

Benefits of an Insulation Upgrade

At Maxx AC and Heating, our professional insulation services provide many important benefits:

  • Lower Utility Costs: Insulation R-values that meet current Energy Star standards can save as much as 30 percent on annual cooling and heating operating costs.
  • Better Comfort: Buildings with recommended levels of insulation tend to keep the indoor environment more comfortable with fewer temperature variances throughout the building.
  • Lower HVAC Repair Costs: Insulation helps reduce the load on your air conditioner so it runs fewer cycles. HVAC systems with lower runtime hours tend to last longer and require fewer repairs.

Insulation is Cheaper than Fuel and Power

Upgrading the insulation in your home is a lot cheaper than the cost of energy or replacing your HVAC system. Call the experts at Maxx AC & Heating for a free HVAC equipment inspection and insulation analysis.


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