ac lifespan

Being able to estimate your AC lifespan helps you anticipate when you might need to replace it or to judge how much to invest in it to keep it running. The average air conditioning system lasts approximately 15 years, but these factors that can impact its lifetime.

  • Age – Although age isn’t the sole determining factor, it provides a clue. Any system that’s over 10 years old has likely lost much of its efficiency, especially if it hasn’t been routinely maintained by you and an HVAC professional. These systems work hard and if they’re not kept clean and all parts adjusted at least once a year, they may not run as long.
  • Humidity – A system that’s failing may leave behind humidity or the air conditioner could be running in short cycles. Although removing humidity is secondary to cooling, inadequate dehumidification can signal a shortened A/C lifespan, especially if your system is too large for your home.
  • SizingThese systems need to be carefully sized to avoid the short cycle, which drives up energy consumption, reduces humidity removal and shortens the life of some of the mechanical parts. If you do have an oversized system, it’s a good idea to replace it when it first starts showing signs of failing.
  • Energy consumption – As these systems age, they tend to use more energy. When electric bills go up in the summer without an increase in the heat or electricity costs, it usually indicates that A/C parts have worn to the point where they don’t deliver the efficiency they once did.
  • Repairing or replacing parts may be a quick fix, but it may not be the best financial decision, since one failed part may signal problems with others. The best decision may be to replace the entire system, which will lower energy bills and provide you with a warranty for parts and labor.

    The pros at Maxx AC & Heating can help you estimate your A/C lifespan and what you can do to extend it or what your replacement options are. We’ve provided trusted HVAC services to the Houston area since 1983.

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