What is professional A/C maintenance? That’s a good question to ask the next time a contractor suggests a preventive or routine check. Such checks are meant to help keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency, thereby providing you with the best possible home comfort for years to come.

If you want to know what professional A/C maintenance calls for, it involves a variety of preventative checks and routine adjustments to ensure that your A/C is always operating effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance Checklist

Here are some of the things your contractor is likely to do during a routine checkup:

  • Your contractor will conduct a routine inspection of your A/Cs thermostat settings, ensuring that your system provides the right selected temperature every time.
  • Electrical connections are given a visual inspection and tightened as needed to prevent electrical shorts and prevent unsafe operation.
  • All moving parts are properly lubricated.
  • Every system control is inspected and tested for safe and up-to-spec operation.
  • Refrigerant levels are measured and adjusted as necessary. Not having the right amount of refrigerant can severely reduce your A/C system’s energy efficiency and even cause major damage as time passes. If the level is low, the technician should check for leaks, and repair any that are found.
  • All blower components are given an inspection and adjusted as needed to provide optimal air flow.

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