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Ductless systems are a way to cool a League City, Texas, home. These systems are energy-efficient and don’t develop many problems as long as they’re properly maintained. But even the best HVAC systems sometimes develop issues, and you should know which ductless problems indicate you need professional repairs.

Fluid Leaks

The refrigerant levels in your ductless system shouldn’t change because the refrigerant cycles through the coils without ever leaving them. If a leak develops, the ductless system can no longer effectively control temperature. If you see a leak, something could be wrong in your system, and you should get the problem repaired.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

If any part of your ductless system starts to form ice, chances are the culprit is the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil lets the refrigerant evaporate, which then cools the air that goes into your home. The coil should never freeze, and if that part does, either the coil is dirty or you have a dirty air filter, which is impeding the airflow. To fix the problem, you can change the air filter on your own, but the dirty coil will need a professional cleaning.

Higher Bills

Ductless systems are known for being extremely energy-efficient systems, so you shouldn’t have high electricity bills if your home is ductless. If nothing else has changed in your daily life, and you continue to receive higher energy bills, those extra costs may mean something’s gone wrong in your ductless system that’s causing the system to work harder to keep your house cool.

Impeded Airflow

You’re used to a certain level of output from your ductless system, so what happens if the airflow is impeded? The air filter might be dirty or clogged, or the air handler might be malfunctioning. A professional checkup will diagnose the problem and offer a repair solution.

Don’t go another day without a properly cooled Texas home. The professionals at Maxx AC & Heating can solve your ductless system problems and get your home feeling cool again. Call today at (281) 338-2653.

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