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Keeping your League City home cool can be a struggle in late summer, especially if you have an inadequate central air system. Learn how a ductless air conditioning system can keep you comfortable and more efficiently cool your home in any season.

Direct Cooling

Central air conditioning systems cool your entire home at once, which works well if your whole home tends to maintain a consistent temperature. If certain rooms always seem too hot or too cold, however, a more targeted cooling system is in order. Ductless air conditioning systems direct cool air right to specific rooms or zones in your home. A single system can typically control up to four zones, so it’s easy to cool only the areas that need it most. If your kitchen, living room, or sunroom always seems too hot, a ductless system can cool just that room instead of wasting energy cooling your entire home.

Fast Air Conditioning

A standard air conditioning system provides your home with impressive cooling power, but it doesn’t necessarily work fast. When you need to cool your home quickly, a ductless air conditioning system is a good solution. Since ductless systems are linked with individual zones, they can cool each zone or room in no time at all.

Efficient Operation

Central air systems can be surprisingly inefficient, even when they bear EnergyStar labels. That’s because the ductwork can develop leaks and cracks over time, causing central systems to lose as much as 30 percent of the energy they generate. Since ductless systems don’t require ductwork, they are remarkably efficient. Ductless systems rely on compressors with variable speeds and can operate continuously, rapidly increasing or decreasing cooling power as necessary. Because they don’t have to cycle on and off, these systems remain energy-efficient.

There’s no reason you can’t stay cool throughout the summer and fall seasons. Call the experts at Maxx AC and Heating to learn more about ductless air conditioning systems today: 281-409-3890.

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