High Energy Bill

Having an attic is a great addition to your Bellaire, Texas, home since this area offers extra storage space for items you don’t need to access as often. However, without proper insulation, a drafty attic can end up costing you money every month in the form of higher utility bills. Making sure your insulation is performing well can give you a sense of satisfaction when you open your energy bill each month.

Energy Waste

Insulation must be installed properly to do its job, and there are several different types of insulation with their own different method of installation. When air can leak through holes in the insulation and out of your attic, you could waste as much as 20 percent of the energy used to heat and cool your home. During the hottest and coldest times of the year, this could add up to hundreds of dollars every month. 

Open Areas to Living Area

Many attics contain open areas that connect to various parts of your home’s living areas. These might include plumbing vents, ceiling light fixtures, wires, and duct chaseways. Small open spaces allow heated or cooled air to seep into the attic and waste energy. Seal these openings with foam, and use caulk to fill nail holes in the floor of the attic. If you don’t have recessed lighting, consider upgrading with airtight fixtures.

DIY Test

Look for signs of a drafty attic by performing a helpful DIY test in your home. Choose a day when the weather isn’t too hot or cold, and grab a stick of incense. Close all doors, windows, and fireplace flues, and turn off appliances that might move the air. Make sure the HVAC system is switched off. Stand in your attic and light the incense, then watch how the smoke moves. If it pulls in either direction sharply or is sucked toward a certain area of the attic, this is a clear indication that you have an air leak. This simple test is a smart move that can bring you important answers.

If you do find that your attic is leaking air, a professional can replace the insulation and seal up any cracks. Call Maxx AC & Heating at 281-409-3890 to learn more about insulation services and other options that can help reduce your energy waste.

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