In Texas communities such as Leauge, Pearland, and Friendswood, summer tends to cost families and businesses approximately three times the national cooling cost index due to the sweltering temperatures. Efficient air conditioning is important for many reasons, including interior comfort levels, the household budget, and the effect of high levels of power usage on the community. In an effort to benefit both your community and your own household, it is important to have local, NATE-certified, licensed HVAC professionals you can work with to help with maintenance and installation of high-tech air conditioning systems and controls.

Why Green Air Conditioning Installation Matters

Approximately 18 percent of the energy used in a Texas home is dedicated to cooling activity. Texas households use approximately 14 percent less energy than the average U.S. home, but electricity usage exceeds the national average by more than 26 percent. The resources and methods used to generate this power can result in greenhouse gas emissions, impacting both local and state conditions. Cutting back your own usage levels is most prominently noticed as your energy bills decline. However, you can also relish the fact that your efforts to reduce your household’s energy footprint can make a difference to your neighborhood and community.

Your Efficient Air Conditioning Options

National standards require a certain level of efficiency from all equipment manufactured for AC installation, meaning that if you replace an older system with a basic unit, you should experience some improvement in cooling efficiency. However, today’s technology allows you to far exceed the minimum SEER of 14 when you select a more advanced air conditioning system. Top-rated air conditioners can achieve a SEER of up to 21, and top-rated heat pumps offer similar ratings. Several technological advances contribute to these energy-efficient systems being so successful, including both mechanical and electronic factors. Following are some features to look for in a greener, more efficient system:

  • Two-Stage Compressors – Enjoy more customized comfort levels as well as quieter operation.
  • R-410a – A chlorine-free refrigerant product and a leading alternative to R-22. New air conditioners are no longer using R-22 and it is fast becoming phased out.
  • Increased Humidity Management – Low fan speeds allow dehumidification to continue when the need for cooling activity is minimal.
  • Smart Thermostats – With touchscreen interfaces and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart thermostats allow you to troubleshoot quickly as you precisely manage the cooling activity in your home.

Going Green with Prompt and Preventive Care

Every mechanical system is subject to wear and tear from the moment it first begins to operate. Your high-tech, AC installation will only continue to be efficient if it is cared for according to manufacturer guidelines. Maxx AC & Heating offers preventive air conditioning maintenance plans to ensure that your system is thoroughly inspected prior to seasonal use each year. Our air conditioning maintenance is important with a newer system because the dust that can settle on your evaporator coils has the ability to create an air restriction while also inhibiting the heat exchange process needed to promote efficient cooling.

Annually, your air conditioner can lose an estimated 5 percent of its efficiency, but this can be counteracted through air conditioning maintenance. Prompt attention to problems is equally important to ensure that more serious damage doesn’t occur. For example, you may notice that the air coming from your system is not as cool as it once was. A delay in identifying a potential refrigerant leak could lead to serious damage to your compressor, potentially shortening the life of your system. Don’t wait to correct problems with your equipment as you could end up dealing with an unanticipated need for a new AC installation.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

At Maxx AC & Heating, we are proud to provide energy-efficient solutions to our customers in Leauge City, Pearland, and Friendswood. You can read more about our green air conditioning installation options, or you can call one of our friendly staff members at (281) 338-2653 to learn more.

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