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When you live in River Oaks, Texas, you want your home to be a cool oasis all summer long. With a Carrier Côr Wi-Fi thermostat, you’ll stay comfortable, save energy, and have the ability to control the settings from anywhere. Discover seven ways a Carrier Côr will keep your family cool throughout the summer.

Set the Carrier Cor Smart Thermostat for Optimal Comfort

After the experienced technicians from Maxx AC & Heating install your Carrier Côr thermostat, the first thing you’ll want to do is program your family’s schedule. Set wake, away, home, and sleep schedules so that the air conditioner keeps you cool when you need it but doesn’t waste energy when it isn’t necessary. Once you’ve set your cooling schedule, it’s easy to pause or adjust at any time.

Adjust the Settings From Near or Far

If your family’s schedule changes with the sports seasons or if you tend to make last-minute plans, you can adjust your Côr thermostat in two different ways. At home, simply press the Touch-N-Go button on the device to change the settings. From there, you can set a vacation schedule or make a one-time adjustment.

If you’re away, use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to log in to the Carrier app and adjust any of the thermostat’s settings. Since the Côr thermostat connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can access it from virtually anywhere.

Manage Humidity and Temperature

In the summer or in any season, your comfort is about much more than just temperature. That’s why the Côr thermostat also manages humidity levels in a few different ways.

Program high and low humidity settings into this device, and its humidity sensing capabilities will keep moisture in check. When paired with a Carrier Infinity air conditioner, the Côr thermostat can make the most of Ideal Humidity System technology to ensure precise humidity control.

Monitor Zones Throughout Your Home

If you own a larger home or one with significant temperature fluctuations from room to room, zoning systems can help you stay comfortable throughout. Many zoning systems require separate thermostats for each area, but the Côr thermostat can manage up to three areas when paired with a Carrier three-zone panel system. That means you can easily adjust the comfort settings in the kitchen, basement, or bedrooms from a single device.

Add on Air Quality Components

An air conditioner can keep you cool all summer long. If your home struggles with a range of air quality issues, you might need to invest in an additional component or two before you’ll feel truly comfortable.

Our knowledgeable technicians can assess everything from high humidity to poor ventilation to air contamination and recommend appropriate indoor air quality components to alleviate these issues. The Côr thermostat is compatible with many whole-home dehumidifiers, energy-recovery ventilators, and other air quality components, enabling you to maximize your comfort.

Get Important Reminders

It’s easy to get used to this level of comfort. That’s why the Côr thermostat removes the stress related to maintaining your HVAC system and automatically reminds you when it’s time to complete certain tasks.

Can’t ever remember to replace your ultraviolet (UV) bulb or change your air filter regularly? This device creates an alert to let you know when it’s time. Always forget to add HVAC service to your calendar? The Côr thermostat knows how important preventive maintenance is and reminds you to call Maxx when it’s necessary. 

Stay on Top of Energy Consumption

If you’ve ever broken out in a cold sweat after receiving your utility bill, you know how expensive air conditioning can be. The Côr thermostat helps you strike the ideal balance between comfort and efficiency with its energy reporting features.

Generate a detailed energy report each month, and you’ll quickly understand when your home uses the most energy and why. Use the device’s energy-saving tips to reign in costs without compromising comfort, and you’ll save an average of 20 percent on heating and cooling energy costs throughout the year.

From cutting-edge thermostats to the latest HVAC systems, we have everything you need to stay cool this summer. Call Maxx AC & Heating to talk with one of our experienced technicians today: (281) 338-2653.

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