For many people, a garage is just a place to keep their car — and a collection of other stuff like the lawn mower, kids’ bikes, and garden tools. But for others, it becomes so much more. The garage can be a workshop or even part of your living space, complete with refrigerator and seating. That’s why you might want to add air conditioning in this area, but it’s not as easy as cooling the rest of the house. Here are a few tips to help your garage get through a hot summer in Houston, Texas.


One of the reasons it’s so tricky to keep your garage cool is that it typically doesn’t have as much insulation as the rest of the house. Consider finishing the walls and adding a layer of insulation, or crawling into the attic above it and putting down the pink stuff. Your choice of garage door matters too. Consider upgrading to an insulated door or adding compatible insulation to your existing door.

Low-Tech Solutions

Most garages lack ventilation, which means that the air remains stagnant and hot. If there’s nothing above your garage but a roof, you could install a roof ventilation fan. A dehumidifier can make the air seem 5 to 10 degrees cooler, depending on the weather, as well as preventing biological growth and allergy symptoms. Even an electric oscillating fan can create a pleasant breeze that may increase your comfort.

Air Conditioning

If you’re serious about spending time in your garage year-round, air conditioning is the only way to go. You could install a window unit or use a portable unit, but the most effective solution is to install a ductless mini-split air conditioner. These are efficient and quiet, and are available in many sizes to suit the size of your garage.

Any room you spend time in should be a comfortable place, and this includes the garage. Although cooling a garage presents unique challenges, the right equipment can make a big difference. To discuss your options for the garage or the rest of your home as well, call Maxx AC at 281-409-3890.

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