Housekeeping tasks are something that you typically follow a set routine for. These jobs become habits that you do without a lot of thought, but slowing down and rethinking your activities can have some surprising perks. Do you dread your chores because your home in League City, Pearland, TX, or one of the surrounding communities, always feels a bit uncomfortable afterward? Make these smart changes to your routines for a more efficient and comfortable home.

Use Appliances in the Evening

If you’re doing dishes and laundry during the middle of the day in summer, you’re generating unnecessary heat in the home. Save anything that involves a major appliance for the evening when you’re not battling with high temperatures outside. Use the middle of the day for more passive pursuits instead. This tactic works in the winter as well, by offering a little supplemental heat at night when temperatures are lowest.

Keep Humidity Under Control

As every Texan knows, humidity can strike in a big way during the summer. If your home is feeling particularly stuffy, you should slow down and reschedule anything that will add more moisture to the home. Avoid mopping, stovetop cooking, and bathroom cleaning on particularly humid days. If you must do these jobs on a particular day, at least wait for humidity to drop slightly in the evening.

Opt for Simple Cooking

Baking cookies or fresh bread adds a welcoming warmth to the home in winter, but these same activities can leave the space feeling sticky in summer. Opt instead for light, cool treats that won’t make you uncomfortable. Serve salads instead of hot soups. Snack on popsicles or fresh fruit in place of cookies and other baked goods. These small switches will improve your home comfort.

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