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Have you ever noticed your skin gets drier during the winter? You might notice a sore throat as well. Why? Because the air during the colder months contains less moisture than throughout the rest of the year. How can you prevent this indoors? Keep reading to learn how to raise the relative humidity in your La Porte, Texas, home and improve indoor comfort levels.

Why Is the Air Dry During the Colder Months?

The average humidity level in residential homes during colder months can get down to about 6 percent. That’s less humidity than what you’ll experience when traveling through a desert. To overcome this issue, you must find ways to put moisture back into the air within your home.

Not only does a lack of moisture cause dry air, but it also influences your comfort levels. Air with less moisture in it will feel cooler. Once the moisture level rises, you’ll find it feels warmer in your home even if you haven’t adjusted the temperature. This can help you boost energy efficiency and save money on heating bills.

Need a Solution? Use a Humidifier

The easiest way to put moisture back into the air is to use a humidifier. You can buy a portable humidifier and use it in various rooms throughout your home. You can also speak with one of our service technicians about adding a built-in humidifier to your furnace.

As the relative humidity in the home increases, you’ll notice your skin isn’t as dry. Your throat and sinuses won’t be so dehydrated, which can help relieve a sore throat. Achieving a humidity level of about 40 percent is a great way to halt the spread of germs, too. This applies to the recommended summer humidity levels as well. Many people also notice their spouses snore less when using a humidifier.

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