Variable-speed HVAC systems have become the preferred choice for many homeowners in Pearland, Texas. A variable-speed fan motor can increase or decrease its power incrementally to maintain the desired temperature. Compared to conventional one- or two-stage systems, variable speed technology offers benefits like improved humidity control, comfort, and energy savings.

Better Air Quality

Since variable-speed units run in longer cycles, more air passes through the HVAC system’s air filter, which helps keep the air clean and free from allergens. You need to change your air filters more frequently, but it’s a smart trade-off when you consider how much healthier your home will be.

Lower Noise Levels

Variable-speed HVAC systems don’t need to turn on multiple times per day. Because of this, you won’t hear noises associated with the system kicking on and off. You may not even realize how much racket an outdated HVAC system makes, but once you experience the lower operating noise of a variable-speed motor, you’ll appreciate the difference.

Energy Savings

At half-speed, variable-speed systems use about one-eighth of the energy required to power the motor at full speed. Fortunately, variable-speed motors operate at half-speed most of the time, which translates to noticeable energy savings. Also, since you’re using less energy, you’re making the environmentally-friendly choice by upgrading to a variable-speed option.

Improved Temperature Control

One-stage HVAC units only provide two options, off or full capacity. Two-stage units go one step further, but variable-speed motors provide a more tailored temperature inside your home. Since they make changes in smaller increments, it’s easier to reach your desired temperature without the furnace constantly having to turn on. Plus, since the system runs more often, it keeps your home’s humidity levels in check, which affects how you perceive temperature.

Although variable-speed HVAC systems come with a higher price tag than one- or two-stage units, they’re a smart choice for saving energy and creating a more comfortable home. Contact Maxx A/C & Heating at (281) 338-2653 to make an appointment with one of our technicians.

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