HVAC filters are an important part of your League City, Texas, home’s climate control system. Your air filter is one of the most effective methods of keeping your indoor air clean, and the state of your filter can have a major impact on your home comfort. Here are three reasons why air filter changes are important.

Improved Air Flow

The flow of air from your HVAC is dependent on air making it through your filter. A clean filter facilitates easy movement of the air. If your filter is clogged or dirty, it can make it difficult for air to push through the material. Because of the increased impediment, you may experience reduced airflow in your home, and some rooms may not get climate-controlled air at all. This can create uneven temperatures and a stuffy home. If you notice that your air flow has been reduced lately, try changing your filter.

Reduced Allergens

All the air that flows through your house passes through your filter. A clean filter can improve your indoor air quality. By removing debris and contaminants from the air, you’ll have better air quality and cleaner-smelling air. If your air frequently smells bad, you may want to check on your filter. If there is a lot of dust, a filter change may fix the odors.

In addition, if your filter is clogged, any allergens that are trapped in the filter may end up in your air. This can irritate sensitive sinuses and lungs, causing allergic reactions. A clean filter reduces the chance of allergens and other irritants circulating in your home.

Increased Efficiency

Since dirty filters make it more difficult for air to move through your HVAC system, it follows that your energy efficiency will be affected as well. As your HVAC system has to work harder to drag air through the clogged filter, its efficiency levels will drop. You may also see a rise in your utility bills.

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