If the air quality in your River Oaks, Texas, home is poor, you could have high utility bills, dust on your furniture and floors, and a stale or musty smell in your house. You or your family members could also have increased asthma or allergy symptoms, headaches, sore throats, eye irritation, or other health problems. Common causes of poor indoor air quality include a dirty air filter, not enough ventilation, and low humidity.

A Dirty Air Filter

If your HVAC system’s air filter is dirty, it will spread contaminants such as dirt, pollen, and pet dander into your home instead of catching them. Besides the undesirable health and cleanliness effects mentioned above, this can lead to high utility bills from reduced airflow, dirty ductwork or fans, and inconvenient, uncomfortable breakdowns. You should check your system’s air filter at least once every few months and change it as needed.

Poor Ventilation

Many newer homes have extensive insulation to make them as energy-efficient as possible. Unfortunately, because today’s homes have tight envelopes, they don’t provide an easy way for bad smells, extra moisture, smoke, or other pollutants to escape. Without enough ventilation, these substances will build up in your home over time. When you use your stove or take a shower, use an exhaust fan nearby. You can also remove stale air with an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). It works like a heat pump to transfer heat and conserve energy while removing contaminants.

Low Humidity

Your heating system can make the air in your home drier in winter. This makes the air feel cooler, forcing you to use more energy to stay comfortable. It can also cause dry lips, dry skin, and cracks in paint and wood floors and furniture. A humidifier will prevent these problems and help you feel warmer.

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