What if you could enjoy the comfort of heating and air conditioning for your River Oaks, Texas, home from a single HVAC unit? With a packaged HVAC system, you can. A packaged HVAC system is a hybrid system that combines both a heat pump and furnace in a single cabinet. Easy service access, space savings, lower heating bills, and higher energy efficiency are four ways that a packaged HVAC system can boost your home’s comfort level.

What’s so Special About a Packaged HVAC System?

A packaged HVAC system’s versatility lies in its design. While electricity powers the heat pump, the system can rely on a gas, oil, or propane furnace to supply back-up heat to the home. When the weather becomes chilly, the heat pump introduces heat from the outside air into your home. When temperatures drop below freezing, which can often happen during frigid Texas winters, the back-up furnace turns on, to deliver warmth and comfort to your home.

Since every home and every homeowner’s budget differ, consulting one of our Maxx AC/Heating service professionals is the first step to making sure you understand the type of system that makes the most sense for your needs.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Packaged HVAC System?

Hybrid HVAC systems such as packaged HVAC systems offer several benefits for River Oaks, Texas, homeowners. Below, we detail four of them and explain how they offer an advantage for people who want to maximize their home’s comfort without paying high heating and cooling costs.

Easy Service Access

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is essential to making sure it operates at peak efficiency during all seasons of the year. An HVAC system is one of the largest investments for your home, and keeping it properly maintained ensures that you’ll have a reliable, functioning system now and in the future.

A packaged HVAC system allows our Maxx AC/Heating technicians easy access to both heating and cooling units in a single cabinet, for repairs and regular maintenance checks. This ease of access means we can best use the time we spend servicing your HVAC system.

Space Savings

Since the design of a packaged HVAC system brings both heating and cooling units together in one cabinet, homeowners can realize a significant space-saving advantage, particularly for smaller homes. Whether you’re remodeling your existing home or downsizing, a packaged HVAC system can help you save space without compromising the heating and cooling comfort of your home.

Decreased Heating Bills

With a hybrid packaged HVAC system, you don’t have to figure out whether you should switch from heat pump to furnace to keep your home comfortable. The system does the work for you, by choosing the fuel source that’s most efficient given the temperature outside your home. This feature is something you’ll appreciate, as it leads to savings on your home energy bills.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Packaged HVAC systems bearing a U.S. Energy Star designation are among some of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available to homeowners. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling systems manufactured today operate with 30 to 50 percent less energy than older units. Replacing an inefficient, outdated unit with a packaged HVAC system can allow you to reap the rewards of not only making your home more comfortable, but also reducing your environmental impact and energy consumption.

What Else Should I Know About a Packaged HVAC System?

Due to their dual heat pump/furnace components, installation costs for packaged HVAC systems tend to run higher than conventional heating and air conditioning system installations, but within three to five years of installation, your HVAC system will pay for itself in energy cost savings and comfort you’ll appreciate year after year.

To learn about other benefits that a hybrid HVAC system offers for your home, contact one of our Maxx AC/Heating service professionals by calling (281) 338-2653. Since 1984, Maxx AC/Heating has served families in the Houston metro area by offering the highest quality, reliable customer service and home heating and air conditioning products we are proud to stand behind.

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