HVAC Showdown: Which System Is for You?

Jul 20 2017

An air conditioner is just an air conditioner, right? Someone just installed it before you moved here to Houston, Texas, and it keeps your home cool. As long as it does that, you won’t give it much thought. HVAC systems […]

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5 Ways to Improve the Indoor Air You Breathe

May 20 2017

Breathing polluted air can cause a number of health problems, but what many people don’t realize is that the air within your River Oaks, Texas, home or office building can actually be more polluted than what you breathe outside. Smog […]

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8 Ways to Dust-Proof Your Home

Mar 22 2017

Dust mites are a major concern for Friendswood, Texas, homeowners, especially those suffering from asthma and allergies. Take control of your health by dust-proofing your home with the following tips. Choose Window Treatments Wisely The type of window treatments you […]

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Air Purifier

Jan 16 2017

No matter how diligently you seal and clean your home, there will always be sneaky pollutants that find a way in. From dust and dander to the ever-present allergens floating in the Houston, Texas, air, there are many factors that […]

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